EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – Level 2


EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique

AAMET Accredited Professional Practitioner Training in EFT – Level 2



EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique

AAMET Accredited Professional Practitioner Training in EFT – Level 2


Level 2 Training – Professional Practitioner £895

• To have high regard for the client’s safety – both physical and psychological.

• To have regard for your physical and psychological safety.

• To appropriately manage physical and psychological boundaries.

• To provide an appropriate therapeutic environment.

• To honour principles of client confidentiality, and the limits of client confidentiality.

• How to contract in with clients and clarify expectations, boundaries, confidentiality, payment etc.

• To have personal awareness and how you might impact on a client – the concepts of transference and counter-transference.

• To commit to personal development, growth, supervision, and CPD – continuous personal development.

• To commit to regular application of EFT for self and the Personal Peace Procedure.

• To recognise the concept of Psychological Reversal, its implications, and how to overcome PR.

• To develop calibration skills, compassion, and establish and maintain rapport.

• To be responsive to a client’s verbal and non-verbal signals.

• To appropriately manage ‘abreactions’ – what seem like abnormal reactions.

• To refer clients to a third party if it seems appropriate.

• EFT protocols, rapport and calibration skills

• EFT – the basic recipe revisited and oomphed!

• Additional tapping points & the eye-roll technique

• Language matters – some NLP language patterns, framing, reframing, presuppositions, questions

• Contacting the problem, statement formulation, psychological reversals, shifting self-sabotage

• Chasing the pain, working by phone/Skype, EFT in groups, dealing with ab-reactions

• Working with memories, traumas, PTSD, abreactions, sneaking up on problems, tearless trauma techniques

• Phobia protocol and accelerating for success • Shifting Addictions and cravings

• Muscle testing with kinesiology • Using ‘Choices’ and ‘Tail-Enders’

• The argument protocol, polarities, and parts integration

• The RIGAAR model for structuring sessions

• Legal matters, working with children, AAMET requirements, Code of Ethics


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