EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – Level 1


EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique

Accredited Training in EFT – Level 1



EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique

Accredited Training in EFT – Level 1


Level 1 Training £395

• Understand the history of EFT, what it is and where it originated.

• Have familiarity with EFT History in the context of the larger field of Energy Psychology.

• Be able to share appropriate scientific evidence such as recent studies.

• Explain EFT by “Build bridges” of understanding) to people with various belief systems and backgrounds.

• Understand the relevance of the original Discovery Statement to current EFT practice.

• Know how to do the Standard EFT Protocol (including variations) with yourself and others.

• Explain the difference between the Standard EFT Protocol and additional points and strategies

• Understand the importance of Measuring and Testing, the concept of SUDs and scaling.

• Understand the importance of Rapport, what it is and how to begin utilising it effectively in the context of an EFT session .

• Use the client’s own exact words in the Standard EFT Protocol and understand the importance of working with client’s subjective experience at all times.

• Troubleshoot when EFT doesn’t appear to be working and be able to consider and explore options to potentially remedy the situation

• Understand the critical importance of dividing a problem into pieces (Aspects) and getting as specific as possible, and how sometimes you need to start globally/generally, in order to get more specific.

• Identify and work with all major intense Aspects of an issue / problem, recognise, work with, and follow Shifting Aspects, and remember that there may be Aspects that remain unaddressed in an EFT exploration.

• Understand and communicate the importance of being persistent when it comes to doing EFT for self and others.

• Consider that hydration may be important in the EFT interaction.

• Recognise and describe The Apex Effect.

• Understand the concept of the Generalization Effect in EFT.

• Know that there are additional points and strategies that can be used when needed, and under what circumstances they may be useful.

• Know how to effectively use calming techniques such as continuous tapping, no talking, going global, etc, when emotional intensity is high

• Recognise cognitive shifts and understand the importance of allowing these to arise from the client.

• Understand the concept and application of Borrowing Benefits. Understand that Borrowing Benefits is not only a specific tapping strategy, but it is also a phenomenon that occurs whenever we tap along with a person, a group or a recording.

• Have a brief overview of how traumatic experience affects the body.

• Know how to do the Movie/Tell the Story Technique and understand how these tools are used for “protective distancing”, thorough exploration – slowing things down, working with each emotional crescendo – and ultimately neutralizing the effects of past troubling memories.

• Understand that trauma specialization requires extensive skill and experience; emphasize safety over all.

• Understand the importance of asking compassionate, curious questions to uncover Aspects, especially when Intensity Levels are no longer dropping or progress is stalled; asking questions that explore the relationship between thoughts (mind), emotions that follow and where those emotions are felt (body sensations); asking appropriate questions.

• Understand the importance of healthy boundaries and confidentiality, particularly when working with friends and family.

• Understand the usefulness of applying EFT to the symptoms as well as the emotional contributors of physical issues.

• Describe and use the Chasing the Pain method.

• Understand the usefulness of applying EFT to cravings to gain a degree of control and relief. Consider the role of Aspects in relation to tapping for cravings. Understand that there are usually deeper emotional issues involved and the craving is the tip of the iceberg.

• Understand the importance of persistently and consistently doing selfcare work with EFT.

• Know how to begin your own Personal Peace Procedure.

• Know the limits of the Level 1 course – to use EFT with self, friends and family.

• Recognise that Level 1 is an introduction to foundational EFT skills, and further study at Level 2 is highly recommended.


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